LOA   11.87m
  BOA   4.87m
  Dspl   5600kg (half load)
  Draft   .92m
  Engines   2x100hp Yanmar
  Drives   Standard shafts/props/rudders
  Fuel   600L
  Water   150L
  Speed   12 knots/max 19 knots
  Berths   2 Double Cabins on main deck

Launched 2001

For a retired yachtsman who wished for extreme economy at a cruise speed of 10 to 12 knots and all living amenities on one level - flybridge and steering station only upstairs.

Every effort was made to keep this craft light, but also comfortable.

Extra input to help achieve this end come from the boatbuilder who was very conversant with modern lightweight boat construction. Also assistance from directors of A.T.L. New Zealand.

The end result is a pleasant, extremely econimical displacement powercat with an overall fuel consumption record so far of 1.3L per nautical mile, which includes both engines and all speed variables used.

Enclosed Flybridge.
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