The safety, reliability and comfort of any yacht or powerboat is only as good as its weakest link. Therefore selection of the most compatible equipment, whether it be motors, spars, rigging, sails, deckgear, electronics for a specific design, concept is all important.

The ocean miles covered in recent years has been an exellent research and development exercise for this design office in equipment testing and evaluation.
It has been a process of gradual elimination of equipment that has not gone the required distance, while some others have stood out because of their reliability.
At the advanced study print stage of a custom design, preferred types/brands of equipment can be listed. In the case of a stock design this information will already be on hand.

Catalogues for all major international brands of equipment are available in New Zealand for prospective clients if they wish to be involved in selection.      Telephone  +64 21 151 1063       © 2023 All Rights Reserved